Austrian folding spade/entrenching tool


Genuine Austrian army surplus folding spade/entrenching tool. Excellent condition some have slight rust and or signs of use. These tools have a real vintage military look with their wooden handles and cog and teeth system. The folding shovel comes with a cover that has a popper and loop closure and metal clips on the back suitable for a belt to slide through.

These are designed for heavy use and will not simply collapse  or break when faced with building a dirt ramp, digging a shelter , firepit or  yourself out of trouble unlike so many cheap commercial alternatives.

Three different angles to lock when opening. Vertical for digging, a slight angle for shovelling and set at a right angle to use as a pick.

Fold back the blade and screw the sleeve to secure it shut.

Dimension - open - length 66cm, width 15.5cm

                  - closed - length 50cm, width 15.5cm

Dimensions of handle can vary 10 cm.

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