Dutch Camouflage three season jacket


One Jacket all weathers covered. This uses the same DPM woodland camouflage the British forces used before switching to the current MTP. It's an iconic pattern that stood the British army in good stead for fifty years.

The jacket itself has an outer made from 50% cotton 50% polyester giving it a tough fabric with the soft feel of cotton. It features a full length zip and poppers, with a draw string waist. It has two chest pockets and two hip pockets all with popper fastening flaps, a velcro name strip above the right pocket and a velcro rank plate is on the right shoulder. There is an elbow patch on each arm. The cuffs can be reduced in size with two sets of poppers. The jacket has two detachable liners. Without the liners it is an ideal temperate garment. The material is soft so has very little rustle if stealth is required.

Liner 1 is made from a breathable waterproof material very similar to Gore tex. This will give you an internal waterproof layer so the outer gets wet but you don't and the outer protects the expensive waterproof liner. The liner is button fastened inside the zip and inside the cuffs. This liner can be used in conjunction with Liner two or as a single layer added to the outer.

Liner 2 is made in olive green pyle (a bit like faux fur) so is very effective at capturing body heat. It will turn the outer into a warm winter Jacket and partnered with the waterproof liner adds a few extra degrees of heat trapped between the layers as well as the waterproof element. It fastens into the jacket and sleeves with buttons.

This isn't a novelty it is a genuine military garment. It would be ideal for Fishing , hunting, paintball, airsoft, wildlife watching , photography and any out door pursuit or if you just fancy a new camo jacket. 

Please bear in mind it doesn't have a hood.



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