French army issue two man tent. Single door.



Army surplus two man tent. An issue two man tent is relatively unusual in the military as most forces either issue "basha" ( a sophisticated tarpaulin sheet) or ponchos that button or popper together so two people can make a rudimentary tent with no groundsheet to get some shelter, often referred to as the buddy system.

The french however issue an excellent tent made from nylon with the interior of the material waterproofed. There are two styles, this one has one entrance with a midge curtain . The entrance and the midge net zip horizontally and vertically and can be tie up by toggle at each side.

Lightweight so ideal for hiking, festivals, fishing, rough camping, mil-sims any outdoor activity needing a shelter without too much weight.

Perfect for the kids to camp out in the garden.

All peg points come with reinforced loops or D rings.

The tent has a skirt to keep rainwater from running down the sides and under the tent.

Sewn in ground sheet.

Midge proof vent at entrance apex.

"Windows" covered with midge repellant material on either side under the skirt to allow air circulation. This vent can be closed in cold or wet weather.

External poles.

All tents come with pegs poles and guy ropes.

Complete with drawstring carry bag with integral pocket for poles and pegs

Unissued condition.

Length 200cm, width 140 cm, height 95cm.

Weight aprox: 3kg

Ideal for use in normal camping conditions.

Not suitable for weather extremes.


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