Original issue Soviet Belt with anodised buckle.


Collectable version of the soviet belt.

When communism in Europe collapsed in the late 80's early 90's the former Eastern block flooded with soviet army surplus . Nearly 3 decades later supplies are slowly dwindling and Warsaw pact stock is becoming increasingly collectable.

This belt is a great example of the soviet clothing. Very robust made of thick canvas with leather trimming and metal buckle. It has the austere look associated with the era. The belt itself is khaki and the buckle is matt anodised metal with the Soviet star featuring the hammer and sickle in its centre.

The belt is adjustable and will go up to a 38" waist (96cm).

The belt is just under 2" wide (45mm).

The buckle is 3" wide ( 75mm) x 2" high (50mm).


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