Combat belt


Cotton webbing belt  with sets of three metal eyelets situated across the width of the belt. Each set is set approximately 5cm apart running the length of the belt. Many military style pouches have hooks corresponding to these holes. The belt adjusts one end  using a hook on the metal end to hook through any of the central eyelets, The buckle at this end is prevented from sliding along the belt by a metal slide.The belt is fastened by hooking the pin head through the loop in the fashion of the 58 pattern belt.

Webbing belt material, metal buckle and belt tip. The belt is tightened by pulling the horizontal pin across from each side, to loosen or take off pull a little tighter to loosen then pull ther rod back until the belt is freed. The belt can be reduced in length by lifting the clamp on the underside of the buckle feeding any excess through and cutting with scissors.

Fabric - cotton webbing

Size - 57mm width and up to 40 inches ( 102 cm ) long

Colours - olive, black, navy blue, white, woodland camo, desert camo, urban camo, beige

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