Trangia style cook set/ CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK



A hybrid alternative to the increasingly hard to find army surplus trangia cook set.

We have combined the Swedish stove , cooker and fuel bottle with the Hungarian mess kit to form a highly serviceable portable and versatile cook set.

The stove operates using a brass burner that is filled with wadding. Liquid fuel is poured into the central reservoir the lid screwed on and left to be absorbed by the wick lining of the burner.

Put the stove on a flat surface. Lift the internal metal legs and push against the side of the burner to form a platform for the pan to rest on.

Unscrew the lid from the burner, place in the middle of the stove (in the circular cut out at the base) and light the holes that circle the rim.

Alernatively you could place a hexi cooker in the stove instead of the burner if you didn't want to use liquid fuel.

You can then use the shallow pan with the handle. BE CAREFUL AS THE PAN HANDLE WILL CONDUCT HEAT AND COULD BURN YOU.

You can alternatively use the larger pan with the carry handle for boil in the bag and the smaller pan could be used as a lid. As with the panhandle the carry handle will also heat up so please be careful.

A small oven mitt may be useful when using this item.

We have added a strap which binds the unit together as if the whole thing was designed to fit.

Idea for wild camping, bushcraft, fishing, mil-sims.

Authentic military surplus kit, all sets show signs of use but are very serviceable.

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