DPM side pouch and yoke set


British issue until 2012, a versatile daysack kit of three component parts. Two 15 litre side pouches and a comfortable yoke can be fitted to form a 15 or 30 litre daysack. Side poches will also fit to the engineer or infantry bergen increasing capacity by 30 litres.

Two heavy duty cordura pouches with zip access at the top, zip has cordura weather flap. Four small webbing strap sewn on the front for attaching kit via bungees or carabiners. Either side of the back are zips to attach to the infantry or engineer bergen or in this context to zip the two together. Male and female clips are attached top and bottom and a fifth bottom central to attach to the yoke either singley or the two together. Comes with a matching yoke, with padded shoulder straps, a mesh back and thin belt, all adjustable and with matching male and female clips to fit the sidepouches singley or together. Male clips at the base of the pouches attach to the female clips located at the top of the PLCE ammo pouch and utility pouch.


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