Dutch assault boot


Reminiscent of the geman para boot this is a boot with impressive spec and build quality. Small sizes only.

Unissued these are all new condition.

100% leather uppers with padded sewn in tongue and padded neck.

The boot is fully lined with a soft leather lining ensuring comfort once worn in.

The boot uses the speed lace system with two sets of eyelets at the start followed by a locking hook and then 5 sets of metal loops so the boot can be tightened quickly and easily.

We only have small sizes in these so they would be ideal for girls looking for an alternative to a fashion boot or an outdoor pursuit/walking boot with all of the quality but at less than half the price of its commercial equivalent.

Also ideal for younger cadets/ airsofters. Whoever buys these will be spoilt for the future when looking to replace them.

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