Dutch kitbag


Iconic military tubular holdall as imortalised in the song"pack up your travels in your old kit bag and smile"

Larger than the british and constructed in a lighter canvas made in ripstop weave to maintain it's strength. Round base the same circumference as the top. One seam running length wise and re-inforced. Name tag display, heavy webbing handle re-inforced at the stress points and shoulder strap with quick release hook. The top of the bag has an internal cover to prevent any kit coming out and six heavy duty eyelets. From behind the eyelet directly over the shoulder strap is a metal loop 7cm high that threads through the eyelets and is fastened with the quick release hook on the end of the shoulder strap.

Colour - Olive

Fabric - canvas

Size - height 87cm, circumference 140cm.


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