Dutch thermos flask


Genuine Dutch army surplus thermos flask.

This Dutch thermos is as solid as a rock, and is excellent quality for money and guaranteed to keep your drink hot.

We have tried and tested this product ourselves , after 12 hours it was still close to boiling and after 24 hours it was still too hot to wash your hands in.

It holds up to 1 liter, it stands 31cm and round the widest part it measures 34cm

Screw down lid. The stopper is designed so you can not over tighten it (which would degrade the seal) if you over tighten it simply releases itself.

Cup screws onto the flask.

Very high density plastic cup and casing makes this ideal for tough conditions.

Flask itself is constriucted from stainless steel so shatterproof.

We were so impressed with this peice of kit, after testing a sample few we bought them all!!

Some have a rubber belt for increased grip please advise if you need this feature.

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