Engineers bergen


Military issue framed rucksack, extremely durable and excellent value.

British woodland heavy duty cordura rucksak. Removable internal frame, padded lower back, belt straps and shoulder straps. All straps adjustable locking buckles on shoulder straps to easily pull tight while wearing.  The bag features a roll down cover that fastens with velcro over the shoulder straps and belt for use when traveling in vehicles where the straps may tangle or catch ie. plane, train or coach. There are fastening straps top and bottom for sleeping bag, bed roll etc. Two heavy duty handles are located at the top for carrying when using the strap cover. Zips and clips on either side correlate to the british issue side pouches which can be attached to add a forther 30 litres. The zip opens the bag from halfway down either side across the top  allowing a large access point and is covered and protected by heavy duty cordura.

Dimensions - height 52cm, width 39cm, depth 25cm

Colour - British woodland DPM

Capacity - 70 litres

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