Khaki miitary dress cap


Very reminiscent of WW2 army officers cap of the style warn by Captain Manwairing in the Dads Army TV series. Ideal fancy dress or living history. Finishes off a uniform.

Many of ours have been sewn at the front to give them an intimidating shape, if you would prefer it would be easy to cut the loose thread to create a rounder look.

The entire cap including the peak is covered in khaki serge giving it a very retro appearance.

The peak is small and almost horizontal which adds to the harsh look. Each cap is leather lined in the headband.

At either side of the headband is a small staybright military button.

Every cap is used and shows signs of wear but all are serviceable. Every cap has a slit at the top of the headband above the peak which is where the cap badge fits.

If you are unsure of your size measure around your head where a cap would fit in centimetres and this is the size.


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