Mosquito/midge tent, two man.


Army issue mosquito tent. This is the larger rarer version with two compartments. The internal divider can be unzipped via a T zip creating one internal space. Ideal  for any situation where biting insects cause a problem such as fishing, camping, overnight mil- sims or wildlife watching /photography when it can be camouflaged as an effective hide. This would also make a very effective shelter if covered with a basha or tarpaulin.

The mesh fabric is fine enough to prevent midges as well as mosquito's.

The front "porch" compartment has entrance through the front and side.

 Both entrances have an L- zip entrance. All entrances can be held open with toggle and loop attached to the side.

Both compartments have open storage pockets on the side. The rear "main" compartment has a small overhead storage hammock.

Internal dimensions are height 185cm length 217cm

rear "main" compartment width 90cm

front "porch" compartment width 60cm.

Size when folded down into carry bag length 62cm circumference 62cm.

Features a thick integral waterproof groundsheet with central water barrier.



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