Soviet era Russian gas mask bag



Perfect shoulder bag. Ideal alternative handbag, manbag,camera or lunch bag. Real military quality construction. Very retro very cool.  Features include:

Khaki colour.

Retro cool looking toggle fasteners

Adjustable canvas shoulder strap, with metal buckle and reinforcing where it attaches to the bag.

Adjustable waist belt with D ring and clip for ease of use. Very handy when cycling as it can be fastened securely around the hips tp prevent it banging against you.

Internal partition with a width wise division and the back of the bag divided in half. These are only divisions and they do not reach to the bottom of the bag. One of the rear compartments has wooden blocks at the base and would provide the ideal base for a flask to be carried.

Traditional surplus from a unique era in political history.

Some bags have print on or ink numbers if you would prefer not to have this please mention when purchasing. As it is surplus we think it adds to the appeal.


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