Yugoslavian gas mask


Full face rubber gas mask with glass lenses. Genuine army surplus.

Thick rubber fitting below the chin to the top of the forehead, with moulded nose and single filter on the masks left hand side. Elastic straps attach to the sides of the mask at six points and have pull tight buckles for a very secure fit. The filter has a rubber stopper which is removed when in use. On the mask at the mouth point is a detachable rubber cover which can be removed to reveal a rubber plug , when the plug is removed air can be breathed directly in rather than through the filter. THESE MASKS ARE SOLD AS NOVELTY ITEMS ONLY NOT FOR USE TO FILTER GAS. CAUTION WHEN WEARING ENSURE RUBBER PLUG IS REMOVED FOR AIR SUPPLY.

Fabric - Rubber mask, glass lenses metal filter.

Size - one size fits all

Colour - olive

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